Saturday, April 14, 2007

one month

Today he is one month old. Boy did that month go fast. It seems as though he has always been here. He has grown so much! He's up to 12 pounds and 22 inches long.

We got to have dinner at my parents today as well. Was nice to catch up with my sister and see my nephew. The boys are becoming more aware of each other, which is neat to watch.

So a good day overall. Happy one month Paul!



analisa_roche said...

What a sweet looking little chub! -Analisa (Megs Mom on MDC)

bethalice said...

No Way! One month already!?!?!?

Happy Birthday Godson!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Megs mom, he is definitely growing fast! Also nice to know there are a few reading my blog:)

Julie said...

Yep, one whole month. It sure went by fast! Can't wait to get a chance to come up.