Tuesday, April 10, 2007


they scare me, a lot, like really, really a lot. I actually want to crawl in a hole so that I don't have to deal with anyone (like doctors) telling me how good they are. I actually think this will keep me awake tonight. At least I got some more research done though, that's good. Lets hope I don't have nightmares about this!



wendelljo said...

I ran across a comment you'd made on the motheringdotcommune forum and was wondering if you'd found a doc that was okay with not or selectively vaxing - I live in that area and am actually a nurse at the hosptial - but don't know on any doc for sure that'll be okay with not vaxing.


Julie said...

We found a doc in Booneville that we really like, she's just far away! We had a few suggestions for local docs, Dr. Snowden and another doctor from Family Practice Asso. of Western MO. I can't remember his name or track down the email. Have you heard anything about them?? I have been there a few times and not been impressed.

wendelljo@yahoo.com said...

Sorry I lost the link to your blog...

Is Dr. Akremi who you're talking about? I've stumbled across her name several times. She'd be closer for me (Sedalia). So she doesn't give you grief for not vaxxing? I guess the only thing about her that would bother me is that she is probably associated with Boonville Hospital, which is NOT where I'd want my kids if they needed to be in a hospital. Of course, I work in the Warrensburg hospital and wouldn't want them there, either ;)

You've heard Dr. Snowden is okay with no vaxes? The only other man in that practice is Dr. Pulliam - does that sound familiar? I've worked with everyone of those doctors, just never broached the no-vaxing topic. It actually wouldn't suprise me if Dr. Snowden was okay with no vax. He's very nice and listens. We see one of the women in that pratice as of right now. The office is HORRIBLE though - I can never get through and it's always busy. But I guess that's what you get if you choose a busy practice.

Did you deliver in Warrensburg? I'm an OB nurse there (I work very little though). Email sometime and we'll chat!

Julie said...

Yes, that is her. She had no issues at all. Was very much what we were looking for, a hands off doctor who wasn't pushy. I am unsure what hospital she goes through, but you are probably right! We have the same opinion of Western Missouri! My husband is a dispatcher for the county (they do Johnson and all the towns, including Warrensburg, the Sheriffs and also the highway patrol in Johnson county) so he was not going to let us birth there at all! He's heard many stories! I'll send an email your way today hopefully.

Wendy said...

Oh that's too bad because I honestly feel WMMC is one of the better birthing choices around here (and not just because I work there), I just wouldn't want to be hospitialized there or visit the emergency department (or frankly any other hospital around here). From my clinicals and other peoples experience, I will never work at or be a pt. at the hospital in Sedalia, that's for sure. lol

Or did you mean Western Missouri as the the Family Practice docs office? What hospital my kids would be at (need be) is not really an issue because if they were really sick or injured, I'd demand they go to Children's Mercy or take them myself. I've read that Dr. Akremi is a good doc - I'm sure my husband would roll his eyes if I told him I'm switching the girls' doctor again! Boonville is about the same distance from us as Warrensburg is. I don't know why I'm so worried about it - I don't see the point in "well-baby" checks (or at least as frequent as ones) if you're not vaxing. I don't even know if my current doc is going to make a big deal about not vaxing.

Drop me an email so I don't have to search your blog for this thread every time ;)