Monday, April 02, 2007


I haven't sent a real post about him yet. He's adorable of course, coming from Mom. He's a good eater! I think he looks like both of us, though the general trend is about 50% both ways in regards to others opinion. He's not super fussy, only cries when he needs something. I can't wait to get to post more pictures. I know we have some super cute ones of him on the film waiting to be developed. Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow, give me something to do and really look forward too :), plus then I can put up more pictures.

I'm doing okay too, still have a ways to go on the recovery front though. Can't bend much or lift much at all. Most of my strength must have been in my abs because I'm sure weak lately! I sure hope I don't have to have the c-section next time. The recovery is so hard, I can't imagine it with a new baby and a toddler! Can't wait for the annulment to be done so we can have those other babies! :)

I will say that it can be a little frustrating, but I think that's more due to getting used to a new normal. There is also some tiredness and also some loneliness that add to the frustration. But mostly I enjoy watching him.

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