Monday, March 15, 2010

Late nights

I have been staying up for a few hours after the kids go to sleep.  I just waste time online.  It’s been bugging me because I don’t actually DO anything when I’m online, just read and look, I think that’s a waste of time.  So today I thought I’d refocus myself.  For me the internet if for connecting, how much connecting am I doing if I’m not actually replying, posting and such?  None.  So I worked on writing a few emails and actually concentrating my energy toward things that I will be able to help with the most and also that will help me the most.

Also, I figured if I’m going to lose sleep then I should do something that actually will make me sleep better and wake up in a better mood.  So I took the first 30 minutes to listen to some Pandora (Ben Folds station).  I picked up the toys, even from under things, picked up trash, emptied the dishwasher and let the dogs out.  Now just a few odds and ends online.  I think I’ll sleep well tonight!

Now I’m finishing up this post while Dolores coos at herself as she woke up, which was fine, she needed a new diaper, and that always wakes her up.  Of course she is so different than Paul regarding sleep!  That’s another post, maybe for tomorrow!

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