Friday, March 05, 2010


Really enjoying this windows live writer.  It makes posting to the blog so MUCH easier.  And I like it better than the interface that blogger has.  Posting pictures is much easier as well.

I really miss Firefox.  I have tried so hard to like Internet Explorer 8, trying to keep this computer running smooth and fast, and not wanting to add more stuff, but I think I am going to have to cave on this. 

I can’t wait for my glasses to be ready, so tired of having a headache often and not really being able to read.  The computer isn’t causing much problems, which I find odd, but reading books, even reading to Paul, causes a headache.

I’m trying to not drink caffeine for a few days because I  think it’s causing Dolores’ fussiness.  I think it was about this time with Paul that I realized the same thing.  We’ll see, not the best thing to give up when already dealing with headaches! :)

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