Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paul sweetness

I was trying to work on a chocolate frosting for some organic brownies I was making (they were EXCELLENT! and no junk in them, not even soy! :) ).  I was stirring so I couldn’t hold Dolores (and being selfish for not just putting her in the mei tai).  She started crying and I was telling her that I’d be there as soon as I was done.  Paul got off the counter, went over to her and started rubbing her tummy.  The conversation we had:

P – I’m trying to calm her down

me – thank you Paul

P – I covering her, she’s cold

me – thank you Paul, can you sit next to her, maybe she’s lonely?

P – okay (and he goes and sits next to her, and starts rubbing her tummy, she stopped crying when he had first gone over to her)

He then gives her a kiss

me – aw, did you give her a kiss?  That was nice of you.

P – yes, I kiss her, trying to calm her down.  I going to get my dump truck for her to hold

me – she might like that (she starts fussing when he gets up)

me – I think she would rather you sit with her (me not knowing that she had straightened her legs out)

P - (he goes back to sit next to her and she starts screaming loudly, he gets down and covers his ears) She’s scream her head off.

me – (I go to check her and realize that he had sat on her legs, and pick her up).

It was super cute.  I didn’t even ask him to go to her, he just did.  Giving her a kiss was the best!

He was very happy with the brownies too!  I’m so glad to have found some brownies/cake mixes that are just like I’d make at home!  Sometimes I just like the quick way, and now I don’t have to feel guilty feeding Paul junk!

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