Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lessons Learned in the Last Few Weeks

~Chickens do not belong in the house.  I am guessing that extends to ALL livestock.  If you are struggling with the process of growing your own meat, let it live in your kitchen for a month, trust me, you will come to terms with it quicker than you think!

~Paul really only likes candy that is chocolate.  Which is good since that’s my favorite too :).

~Organic brownie mixes are awesome with homemade chocolate icing, and you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty for feeding your child a bunch of crap.

~Chickens stink, a lot, you can’t make it not smell no matter how often you clean them.  Also, they poop a lot, and by a lot I mean constantly!

~Apparently getting more and/or better sleep makes you more tired than you were before.  I am SO, SO tired.  I need a nap in the worst way, but still many hours before Paul goes to sleep.

~Three year olds apparently don’t have ears, or at least can’t hear or listen.


Mary Bennett said...

Oh Julie! Three is a great age! Take it from someone who's oldest is 29! Yikes! I'm sending you a picture of our chicken tractor to your FB account. I LOVE your blog, recommended it on my blog.

Julie said...

Thank you Mary! I'll go check Facebook in a bit. I just realized the other day that you had a blog. I added it to my google reader :).

We did get the chickens outside yesterday! We had a dog fence/crate (5ft by 8 ft) and the dog had been moved inside awhile ago, so we used that. We will be moving soon, so didn't want to build something else to move, we'll get them a nice tractor built with a proper coop once we move to our land.

Did you build your tractor from your own ideas or use a plan?

As for the age of three. It has been intresting. He's so expressive and starting to really get things like empathy and kindness. Yes, there are challenges, but they are far outweighed by the awesomeness of his personality really coming through. Also add into that, that Dolores is starting to get more indepenant (like she can play and somewhat sit, and is taking more independant naps), it's nice. She LOVES her brother, he is the most fasinating person for her to watch!