Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three years old

Today Paul is 3.  That seems to big and old, but to me, Paul is still a baby!

Paul is a talker, he loves to talk and can do so very well.  I was just reminded of that today, he can pretty much say anything he wants.  It has been amazing watching him grow and learn.  He is a pleasure.  Yes, there are hard times with him, but overall, he is a pleasure to be around.   He’s sensitive and very smart, doesn't like to be the center of attention, but also at times likes to be a ham.  He will not perform for anyone!  Don’t ask him to recite he’ll just totally shut down.  Feel very blessed to be his mom and to have him around, doesn’t seem like it’s been three years, yet at the same time, it seems as though there was never a time he wasn’t here.

I just measured him, he joyfully complied! :) he’s 35.5 inches tall, so if the thought that you are a half inch taller in the morning is true, then he’s 36 inches tall and 36 months old, kind of cool! :)


Taken last night, to show his hair cut.  He looks so grown up here.



The cake coming out.  Also my dad holding Dolores, Chip and my mom with the cake.  He’s covering his face because we are signing to him.



Blowing out the candles.



Licking the icing off the candles.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Happy birthday! I didn't realize your big boy was only slightly younger than mine. Fun!