Wednesday, March 03, 2010

three years ago

We have these film pictures from three years ago (some closer to two and a half years). It was so neat to see Paul at Dolores' age, he was so BIG compared to her! At four months he was over 20 pounds, she's around 14. Those six pounds make a huge difference!

I have two more disks to go though, so there will be more pictures to come :).

a month and a half. Wanted to remember how small his hands where
About two and a half months here. We are at a state park hiking trail. He looks as big as Dolores is now (she's about 4 months old).

Sleeping, two and a half months old. He always slept kind of over like that Dolores is more a back sleeper.

First baseball game, Kansas City Royals :). My mom is holding him, and that's my dad's hand.

Staring at Daddy, at about three months old.

This is Coby and Furball, who is Coby's son. Furball is the biggest cat I have ever seen, huge, here he's five months old and smaller than Coby. Coby was a very good cat dad.

Here are the other two kittens who Coby fathered, Coby Jr. and Moonshine. Again, the kittens are about five months old. Sometimes I miss only having five cats, honest confessions! :)

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